Pingxiang Library is a comprehensive prefecture-level city public library. It plays the social functions of preserving cultural heritage of mankind, carrying out social education, spreading scientific knowledge, developing intellectual resources and providing cultural entertainments for citizens.

The predecessor of Pingxiang Library was Pingxiang Dacheng County Library found in October 1936 which was then renamed Pingxiang County Library after the liberation until September 1960. In October 1960, as Pingxiang was changed into a prefectural-level city, the library was finally officially named Pingxiang Library. The current library opened on New Year's Day 2005 and was evaluated as “First-class Library” by Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China (MCPRC) in 2009 and in 2013. In 2009 and in 2014, it was authorized by MCPRC as “National special protection unit of ancient books”, which was approved by the State Council of PRC. In 2013 and in 2016, it was authorized as “Nationwide Reading Advanced Unit” by Library Society of China (LSC). Over the years it has won the provincial and municipal awards of more than 20 items.

In September 2011, it opened a children’s library. In 2005, it was equipped with self-help borrowing and return machines. In 2017, it opened a digital resources experiencing area. Recently Pingxiang municipal government has decided to build a new modern library near the beautiful Yuhu Lake.

Pingxiang Library has nearly 950,000 books, of which more than 36,000 copies of electronic books, more than 80,000 copies of ancient books, more than 8000 volumes of local literature. The library has a general collection borrowing room, a public electronic reading room, a newspaper reading room, a reference room, a local documents room, an ancient books preserving room, an books editing room, a counseling room, a technical department, a visually impaired people’s reading room, a children's library (children’s reading room and kids’ reading room), a digital resources experiencing area and a office department. There are 32 staff members, Of which 4 are senior professional titles, 10 for intermediate professional titles and 12 for junior professional titles.

Following the core values of socialism, Pingxiang Library has always been trying to innovate advanced service concept, to improve public literacy, to affect public aesthetic standard, to lead cultural needs, and to achieve a high level of cultural supply and demand balance. It creats beautiful environment and a multi-channel service platform to carry forward the outstanding traditional Chinese culture as an important mission.

It puts forward a slogan “limited office, unlimited service” as the principle of the library, “having the ability to have the position” as the management philosophy and “all for the readers” as the purpose of the library. It has established two branches and more than 20 mobile reading service stations, and has carried out many public reading activities.

Pingxiang Library has disciplined itself strictly as “First-class Library” and made Compilation of Pingxiang Library Regulations. It continues to strengthen the construction of information resources and pays a lot attantion to professional team building. It has actively carried out various activities, such as “children’s happy garden”, “the classic movies show”, “monthly reading on WeChat”, “the cultural forum”, “  library exhibition”, “the moral lectures”, “sending books activities” , “parent-child reading activities”. There are activities nearly every month, every week and every day. It also has activities for the left-behind children, the elder readers and other special groups.

Ancient book protection work is a major highlight of Pingxiang Library. It has the largest number of ancient books among all the city public libraries in Jiangxi Province, which including more than 7,000 volumes of rare books. Lvnan’s Annotation on the Works of Four Philosophers in Song Dynasty is listed as a national treasure of precious books, and the late Qing Dynasty’s painting of the book Journey to the West is very rare and precious in China. Not only protecting them, the library also pays great attention to the development and use of the ancient books and has received high recognition.

In 2005, the cultural information resource sharing project Pingxiang branch was established in Pingxiang Library. It was set to support the reading service in rural area and share the information resources from the center of the city to the village households. In 2011, as the first batch of digital libraries in Jiangxi, Pingxiang Library in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Culture, made great efforts to build a digital platform with new technological applications and visual equipments. At the same time, it carried out many promotional activities in national reading month, service publicity week and on the world reading day and statutory holidays.

Pingxiang Library is very focused on discovering local characteristic resources, such as the Anyuan workers movement-based red culture, Yang Qi Zen Culture-based religious culture, Wugong Mountain as the representative of the green culture, Pingxiang picking tea opera as the representative of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, Wen Tingshi and Liu Fenggao as the representative of the ancient celebrity culture and the National Plum Blossom Award winner Zhao Yiqing as the representative of the modern celebrity culture. 

With the advancement of the construction of public cultural service system and the promulgation and implementation of the the Law of Public Culture Service, Pingxiang Library has seized the opportunity to make up its shortcomings, worked towards equalization and standardization, and tried to push the library to a new height and play a more active role for Pingxiang cultural construction.

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